Degoogle yourself

According the FSF, G00gl is malware:


yes, hat’s a good story. And e will be a good choice to start with degoogeling. But It’ only the first step. The next step must be a degoogleing of you laptop/dektop and than you will need a phone with linux.

In the moment I’m with e on my phone. First step is done
My laptop and Dektop are on linux since years. So step two is also done
And last step, changing to a linux phone, I’m on the way. Just beginning to build ubuntuTouch for my Xiaomi MiMax2 (oxygen).

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step 3: use a button phone for your calls.


Google’s Software is Malware

In Android, Google has a back door to remotely delete apps. (It was in a program called GTalkService, which seems since then to have been merged into Google Play.)

» Google Back Doors Updated: $Date: 2019/09/18 15:41:05 $

Google can also forcibly and remotely install apps through GTalkService. This is not equivalent to a universal back door, but permits various dirty tricks.

How and where can I find Google’s back door “GTalkService” in Android 5 or 6?

Am I right in assuming that this backdoor does not exist in microG and / e / OS?

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