Delete all contacts ... again

I know. I don’t like that the Murena team doesn’t react to bug reports on Gitlab. On the one hand they encourage users to report bugs and on the other hand tickets sometimes stay unanswered for months. Sometimes, just a sentence explaining why they cannot implement the fix would be enough but instead they make us wait. It’s not Manoj’s fault and some progress has been made in five years, but we’re still not there.

Ticket closed. Option added to delete a contact group. It worked for me. Thanks to Ronak and Akhil !!

Hi all, I am not able to delete all contacts in the Murena Online cloud. There is still no option to delete all contacts as far as I can see. I uploaded my contacts twice by mistake and obviously wanted to start again by deleting all and then uploading the contacts again once. Am I looking in the wrong place or has Murena not added this function yet?

I was having the same problem and just found a solution: on your phone you can go to Settings > Accounts > (your account) > My Account > Settings > (your account) > Contacts Then you can hit the 3 dots next to the contact group you want to delete and click Delete collection.

The reason this is so hard to find is because I think that is the customized DAVx5 Account Manager that doesn’t appear directly in the app list. I think it is sort of hidden away. But thankfully I was able to remove 2-3 bogus contact groups that way!