Delete what I not use


I set my phone up and it running. However I am using ecosier browser rather then the one pre instelled is there a way I can remove it? Also there are two screen that swipe but i only need and want one how do i adress this please?

I want to reclaim my phone as I want to use it and delete what I dont need

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You can deinstall all Apps:

If you remove all Apps from second screen to first screen, then you should see only one screen. But then, you have to work with folders. All these limitations are owed to this horrible Bliss launcher.

In your case, when you want to reclaim your phone and change all apps, maybe it makes sense to change to LOS4mG instead of /e/OS

You are describing the behaviour of Bliss launcher, Meet the Bliss Launcher -/e/OS’ default launcher.

A review of Launchers, including Bliss here. You can just install another, be aware of Settings > Apps > Default apps, if you change your mind.

If you have system app you do not want to see and use, please read this Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

Don’t forget the Search box!. :slight_smile:


Win! Thank you that is awesome news. When I have a good day and have confidence I plug phone into a laptop. Thank you. Oh sorry I didn’t see the message about search bar. My bad.


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