Delete Widgets like searchbar, Suggestions and Weather Widget

Is it possible to delete the widgets on de first screen?

I do not need the searchbar, App Suggestions en the Weather Widget.

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Perhaps… later. There are parts of Bliss launcher, so the easiest way is to install another launcher. For example, OpenLauncher (from F-Droid) works fine for me…

Too bad you can’t just delete these widgets.

OpenLauncher is not what I’m looking for I think.

Previously I had categorized my apps by placing all apps related to transport in the left window, in the middle the most used apps and in the right window the less used apps and settings app, etc.

Now when I swipe left, I get those stupid widgets.

Now and certainly also with Openlauncer, all apps are together and that is precisely what I do not want.

Sorry (bis) for this quick answer: search the forum with ‘Launcher’ and with ‘homescreen’.

Édith found this thread: Home screen / desktop screenshots

There’s a lot of thread about alternative launchers due to Bliss’ limitations. I don’t like its ‘FisherPrice’ style and its difficult setting for what I expect to my phone… ‘Les goûts et les couleurs…’ :wink: