Deleted default light app - how to restore it?

This is probably the most stupid question, however, I would be very grateful for your help. Unfortunately, I deleted the preinstalled “light” app and have no idea how to reinstall it as I can’t find it on the app store. Would there be a remedy?
Thank you!

Welcome in the community :slight_smile:

A few weeks ago, this app has been removed from the pre installed apps so maybe it’s not your fault.

This app is provided by SimpleMobileTools, and the APK can be fond here. (Click on assets and download the .apk file to install it manually through your file manager)

Or you can download this app with Aurora Store, a client app of Google Play (the name of the app is Simple FlashLight).

In the top drop down can also switch on and if the light and you can setup the power button for long press = light on
Top headline menu:

Or Settings:

I’m using long-press on a daily basis, works very well.

Yes, this “Flashlight” is an app from the SimpleMobileTools reportoir. The app can also be installed via F-Droid App Store.

Dear all,
Thank you very much for your help! Wonderful!