Deleting files from Murena One phone using the files application

In the Files application that comes with the phone, the application named “documents” I can multi select documents but there doesn’t appear to be any facility to delete them, only transfer them or move them.

How do you delete files on your phone using the Murena apps ???

I know this is stupid simple but i swear I don’t see a way to do it without a 3rd party app.

Thank you !!!

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I haven’t got a Murena One (FP3+ on /e/OS instead), but if you are in the list of files and (!) have selected items, is there no “trash can” icon next to the three dots that lead you to the Copy and Move options?

Yes there is no delete option. I agree it’s weird.

in some aggregate views on files, there is no delete function: in recent items → filter by type, though it works on file-type filters in “Downloads”.

When you traverse directory paths to the files you can delete them though.

Not really consistent (this is Android 10).