Delivery information? Package tracking?

Hello, /e/People,

I ordered an /e/Phone, first day, first shipment out … I expect you’re still ironing wrinkles and squashing bugs in the process … That said, somewhere along the way of completing my order, I saw a notification that the expected delivery date/time of my phone was this Friday (today) at 11:30 pm (23:30) … I believe DHL is the delivery service.

I assume the time is a mistake, perhaps a time-zone issue. But, any idea when my phone actually will be delivered? Is it actually coming today?

Also, I didn’t see any information for package delivery-tracking … is that not available? Just not available yet (but coming soon)? Or did I miss the relevant info?

Questions that are, perhaps, more suited to an email … but I wanted to document the questions and answers for others … plus curious what–if any–issues other early purchasers are seeing.


Thanks for raising the issue @rainbird. We will get back to you shortly.

Hi Rich,
thanks for your note, i have closed the loop with you by email at the address you have ordered with, please check your email.

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Got it, and thanx.

For the record, I did not originally receive the shipping / tracking info. I received two emails after completing the order … one from y’all ( samuel at eelo dot eye-oh ) confirming my order details, and five minutes later, one from PayPal ( service at paypal dot com) detailing my payment to ECORP SAS.

Neither email had any info in it about tracking number, delivery date, etc (your email did specify UPS, but nothing else). Somewhere in the online order-completed display, I saw text mentioning DHL and the estimated Friday, 11:30 pm delivery date/time.

Not complaining, by the way … just documenting.