Deny calls from the hidden numbers


And thanks for this big job.
I would like to know if there is a way to deny calls that hide theirs phone number (anonymous calls)

Thank you


Using a third party program… like:

OK thank you.
i didn’t think to a third program, that needs to replace the original app.
/e/ doesn’t contain a integrated way to do this.
Shame to do it like this.



Anyway, have you checked in the options of the PHONE application if it has the possibility of blocking it?
Right now I don’t have a device with /e/OS to check it for myself, but I think I remember that it does have that option.

Yes, i did, but nothing about anonymous calls.
You can tape the number that you want to be blocked, but no option for anonymous calls.
Maybe a code exists like ‘regex’ to filter that calls.
I’m sure it certainly exists.
A filter like ^[0-9]+ could be tricky…
We can find out… we can…
I will try tonight

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