Design and Color options not working correctly

On my FP4, I cannot change the Designs, or at least they don’t apply. Yesterday, I changed the icon shape to rounded squares. I wanted to change the color too, but I only have blue as an option and cannot see how to change that.

Today, I wanted to change the icon shape back to circles, but the icons on my homescreen are still rounded squares. Interestingly though, app icons (for example when assigning default apps) have the shape set under Designs.

I tried rebooting the phone, but the icons on the home screen keep their rounded square shape.

How can I reset the icon shape and how can I change the color from blue to something else?

Thanks in advance!

Yup, I’m observing the same behaviour for the colors (locked to blue).

For the icons it seems to depends if the icon is a default one or a specific to application one. At some point I selected the round icon having a square corner on the bottom right. Some app icons rightly displayed with this shape but others would stay with round shape.

I guess it depends if you are a Bliss lover.

Bliss has its own icon set, I think, adopted by /e/.

So, when you want to take your own design decisions you have to take this into account !

Ive got the same problem with the color. Thats disappointing…