Desktop mode manjaro

Hello everyone,
A feature like linux desktop (manjaro;)) would it be possibe, as does MaruOS?
Thank you

What do you exactly mean? Are you talking about something related to DeX but with Manjaro instead of Ubuntu? I never heard of MaruOS.

Small mistake, I wanted to talk about mandrake (in tribute to Gael Duval;)) and not manjaro.
MaruOS is based on lineage in smartphone mode and debian in desk mode when the phone (nexus5 or nexus5x) is connected to an MHL cable (or usb hub MHL).
Since there is a UserLand (free and open source on f-droid) apk to have a linux complete distribution (debian, Arch, ubuntu or kaly) on your android smartphone, it must be possible to implement it in a native way on a rom like /e/…no?

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