Device recommendation for ~200$ us?

Hey I’m brand new sorry if this not ok to ask…

What device that /e/ supports would the community recommend I purchase for around ~200? It would be my daily driver. I was looking at the htc 10 us version, but now I’m not so sure.

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Hello and welcome

Have you already checked the table of supported devices?

If this doesn’t help you, we need more informations. What are your requirements? Size? New or used? Which country?

Either an used European Samsung S6, S7, S8 or S9 (USA models are not supported due to locked chipset) if you don’t care if the device isn’t new or I think some chinese models can also be great affordable alternatives if you prefer new-ish.

Thanks, yea i did review the list and I went ahead with an unlocked htc10. It was only 100$ ! Hopefully i can contribute to e.

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