Device request: Redmi Note 10S(rosemary/secret/maltose)


I am making a device request for Redmi Note 10S.

Here is the kernel source code for it: GitHub - MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource at rosemary-r-oss

Here is the device tree and other stuff: RedmiNote10S · GitHub

Thank you.

…what about asking maintainers to help to build \e\ ?

Hey, does anybody know which maintainers can i tag here for new development?

As there is now official Lineage OS for Redmi Note 10S, i think it will be easy for /e/ OS to be developed. I am attaching download link of Lineage OS

It can be useful to self-builders and /e/devs to draw attention to the presence of the new Lineage device tree with only one branch at this time, at Lineage 20 (Android 13, T)