Device Request : Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G901F - kccat6

Official ROM stops at 6.0.1

LineageOS is running on this device:

Official Samsung ROM : no more support

LineageOS : support ! (v 16.0)
But some issues on Lineage : battery drain.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

The SEARCH… top left brings these results to light …

So is it officially supported ?
If yes, where could I find official builds ?

So is it officially supported ?

No, but there are several other requests for this device. I think that’s what Archie means

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Sorry, do you mean the search here in forum ? On my web page the search is on the right upper site :thinking::thinking::thinking:

You’re right, of course @harvey186. Fortunately, I have only prescribed myself and no left twist ;∞)

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Try this build, its same as official but have no ota updates, this build can give you almost full /e/ experience, except ota.

… and even the choice of three builds:

7-nougat -
8-Oero -
9-Pie -