Device support for Xiaomi A3

Please kindly add support for the Xiaomi A3
Full features available here

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It isn’t even supported by the LineageOS community yet. At the moment, all the more or less acceptable custom ROMs for Mi A3 are AOSP-based, so personally I’m not counting on it, although I like this device too.

Much appreciated for your reply and insight. I want to go Google free asap. This is my goal.

Take a look at Xiaomi Pocophone. It is nice and not expensive device with low SAR and very good community support.

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Hypothetically, if I wanted to contribute with making the Xiaomi A3 a supported device, where should I start?

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First of all, it needs to be officially supported by LineageOS, which is the base for eOS. For this purpose you can try to cooperate with other developers who have expressed the same interest EARLIER.

Fantastic, thanks for that. I signed up and mentioned I would like to get involved with supporting the development and support of the ROM for Xiaomi A3.

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Is this a relative guide to use for building Xiaomi A3 ROM for LineageOS?

If not, what might be missing? Any help will be much appreciated!

I’m total zero in software development, but guess things aren’t that simple. It may not be difficult to compile a basic image and run it on the device, but make all hardware things work, achieve correct operation of SELinux, encryption and etc, then finally bring the ROM in line with the strict requirements to the official release — it should take some time and labor. I propose you to start with the official wiki and try to make contact with other developers.

In addition, there is another unresolved problem (that, however, may not be an issue on your first steps) — the lack of official TWRP recovery for Mi A3.

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