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harvey186 I see that you seem to know a lot. I installed a generic a/b treble image on my pixel 3a sargo. It works fine. but it says the base image is months out of date.

How can I manually upgrade it?

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New links

to download the latest official
dev /e/ G.S.I. android.10 Q

Once you know which system image you need

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I’m assuming that to install GSIs on Snapdragon Samsung phones you still need to unlock the bootloader, in the conventional (paid because Samsung mean) manner…

Are there any problems with using GSI ROMs instead of official builds?
Is the battery and performance optimization not there?
And are there easy ways of fixing the notification bar, as it’s different for many devices and requires different margins.

Dead link now …
All GSI build have dead links, where to find a stable repository to have GSI build ?


This was to @e_poco_user 's builds. /e/team’s ones are linked in “week 19” (up page):

(follow ‘How to install guide’ link, then ‘scroll’ back and links sre in Flash system image)

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Merci trefix, (un peu confus comme d’habitude avec /e/ … )
If you can erase system tell me

there are no wipe for system on my phone recovery, and i’m asking SuzieQ
but i can delete system.

yes twrp. Can i install Android Pie onto Android 11 ? GSI

I have installed Android 12 using that method on Youtube video, but i do it a bit different and there are no option to wipe system on my phone so i delete it different.
Not E-Rom, From Google.
I wish i can get E-rom Pie version but my comes with Android 10

I am using Redmi K30 5G with A/B Arm64. But I am facing bootloop problem with latest /e/ OS GSI (Q).
Details here: Latest GSI Bootloop Issue - /e/ Devices / GSI - /e/ community

Any solution please?

SAMSUNG A8 (2018) ARM64 A/B on latest 3 vendors, starting with [A/B][TREBLE][9.0][A530F/A530W/A730F]SaR patch and kernel for Pie Vendor | XDA Forums .

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Hello !

After installing an /e/ OS GSI (/e/ image ROM download) on a Sony Xperia X (suzu) (, I was informed that the microphone doesn’t work : during a call, the remote participant is heard just fine, but the local participant is not heard.

Here’s a log after a call using Signal, taken using MatLog :

I believe the relevant lines start here :
09-04 11:15:38.155 E/audio_hw_utils(16102): send_app_type_cfg_for_device: Could not get ctl for mixer cmd - Audio Stream Capture 16 App Type Cfg

And then :

09-04 11:15:38.157 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB get asm topology returned = -8
09-04 11:15:38.159 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB get adm topology for acdb id = 4, returned = -8
09-04 11:15:38.160 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB_CMD_GET_AUDPROC_COMMON_TABLE_SIZE Returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.161 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB audproc returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.163 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB_CMD_GET_AUDPROC_VOL_STEP_TABLE_SIZE Returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.164 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB AudProc vol returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.166 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB_CMD_GET_AUDPROC_STREAM_TABLE_SIZE Returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.167 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB get audstream table returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.170 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB_CMD_GET_AFE_COMMON_TABLE_SIZE Returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.171 E/ACDB-LOADER(16102): Error: ACDB AFE returned = -19
09-04 11:15:38.173 E/audio_route(16102): unable to find path 'audio-record-voip'
09-04 11:15:38.178 E/audio_hw_primary(16102): start_input_stream: pcm_prepare returned -1

(Also posted here :

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Hello, do you or anyone else know if this project is suitable to install efoundation platform on a Nokia 8? I’am new at this forum and not very technical with this IT stuff yet. I’d like to know if and how I can install e / os on my Nokia 8.

From the initial post, you can read :
For - Nokia 8 - use GSI type “ARM64 A/B”

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… and for 2021 / 22

Thanks for the links and help. I read that the goal of the use of project treble is for testing, not for normal daily use. I would like to use it for daily use as a ‘normal’ phone user, because I want to degoogle my phone. Can anyone can give an advise if project treble is suitable for me or not? I use a Nokia 8.

So first we check Smartphone Selector, does Nokia 8 feature – not as yet! Do we see it in Search results for '#unofficial Nokia 8' - /e/ community – not today.

GSI is great for experimenters!

Will the Motorola e (2020) be added for use with your OS. I just tried the install and it is not supported. Also if I knew how to code properly I would gladly help your cause but being a 53yr old idiot at times I would not trust myself at times.