Devices -Support MOTO X4 (payton)

Hey everyone,

A while back I bought a MOTO X4 (payton), but when I bought it support was dropped from /e/ like right after I bought it. However, Lineage did support and still does…well kind of…

Anyways, I bought the phone because of versatility and its ability to work with any carrier and alternate OS support. However, VoLTE never worked on it and multiple tickets have been opened on LineageOS platform with no response or fix on how to get this working. To make matters worse, Verizon (current carrier) is retiring 3g at the end of the year and anyone using the Moto X4 with Lineage will have no voice, since the VoLTE does not work. I have tried a lot of things to try to get this thing to work in the guts of the Android OS and no joy. I do not want to have to go back to stock Android at all since it is a violation of my privacy.

Therefore, if anyone knows how to fix VoLTE, that would be great, BUT what I am really after is: Does anyone have a well supported device to recommend for /e/ that is either AT&T or Verizon? Verizon (CDMA) AT&T (GSM). Kind of at the end of my rope here. A device that has a good mid-grade to high end operating hardware and will be supported for awhile? I just want something without Google and something that will work. Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Linage+microg builds are very upto date for ‘payton’ (21st Aug). Maybe give this rom a shot as its pretty close rom to /e/. See here

Thanks for link…so what is the difference between microg payton and regular payton besides the ability to spoof application signatures? LineageOS refused to do this, I imagine they have their own reasons. If they are based on LineageOS same builds, I am quite sure that Enhanced 4G/LTE Calling (VoLTE) will not work with MicroG either. If signatures are the issue between Verizon and LineageOS, it is not ever going to work.

I learned that MOTO X4 does not support Treble (a new way for carriers to upgrade Android without messing with lower level drivers and hardware). I can see a bunch of supported devices dropping off the map for both /e/ and Lineage on the horizon if this is true.

Back to comment…does anyone have any recommendations for a mid-grade to high-end phone that /e/ supports that will work with Verizon or AT&T??? I would like to give up MOTO X4 and go to something along the lines of a OnePlus. Thanks.

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