Diabetes app doesnt work

Hello. i am a diabetic. I would like to use the freestyle libre app called freelink on my fairphone3 phone with e/os installed. It doesnt seem to work. Does anyone have a solution?

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You are mentioning an issue that troubled Fairphones running Fairphone OS a couple of months ago, but so far I never heard it being brought up from an FP3 user on /e/OS. I was hoping /e/OS had been able to avoid this issue until Fairphone fixed it, but it might have found its way into /e/OS after all.

It might be helpful for others here if you specified and mentioned here the /e/OS version you are on. Check Settings > About phone > Build number for your exact version.

As far as I have seen this app depends on the Google Play Store. If it wasn’t installed from there it feels “not safe”.

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Ten years ago I decided not to use an app on the phone for that. (This Freestyle thing is also a horrible data sender.)

I send my data to a private Mastodon feed, five, six, seven posts per day. Every mobile phone has several nice and free apps to do that. - And then, much later, I use a self written Linux application to suck these data from this feed and put them into a database. Then I have a report generator based upon this database.

Please look here, there seems to be some guideance for this diabetes app:

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