Die verrückte Welt der Messenger | The crazy world of messengers

Die verrückte Welt der Messenger

»Die Artikelserie »Messenger« wird insgesamt acht Messenger vorstellen und diese aus der Perspektive IT-Sicherheit und Datenschutz bewerten.«

Beginnend mit WhatsApp. Im nachfolgenden Teil der Artikelserie wird der Messenger Threema vorgestellt.

The crazy world of messengers

“The article series “Messenger” will present a total of eight messengers and evaluate them from the perspective of IT security and data protection.”

Starting with WhatsApp. The following part of the series of articles introduces the Messenger Threema.

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  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • Threema
  • Wire
  • Conversations (XMPP)
  • Briar
  • Riot.im (Matrix)
  • Delta Chat

That guy should add Jami and maybe Twinme. Otherwise good choices.

Mike Kuketz is competent and has a reputation. Please read also → About me
Try translation with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Federation is the future I think! Big fan of Mattox and RiotX, esp because of all the bridges they develop. Same reason I like Friendica.

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Yes, he is doing great work, what I’m saying is that I miss Jami on that list (p2p twinme or tox might be worth considering too).

Hi @archje, why don’t you put that article in the German section of this forum, It feels to me the more appropriate place for it.

Hello @ralxx, in my estimation the german /e/ guild is very small and it is very rarely commented there. On the other hand, the topic Messenger & Privacy is global.

@archje Please keep bringing such articles into the English section as otherwise I would not see them and miss out on some good information.

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Super Artikel! I really would need to get off Whatsapp… But a lot of friends have it…

i agree, please keep posting!

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