Difficulties connecting to 4G on FP4

Like with its predecessors, FP4 seems to have difficulty to remain connected to the mobile network, esp. data transfer (phone seems to work fine).

Every so many minutes I get an error message about the network that I can choose from (see image). Any idea what this could be? Without 4G a smartphone makes little sense.

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This problem was caused by having no data bundle on the sim. Nevertheless, I would have expected some error message than having my network kicked out.

I’ve just moved the simcard to my new FP4, bought from /e/store, and I can’t use mobile data just wi-fi. I’ve looked into definitions and everything seems well. This is a big issue for me because I use 4G connection 90% of the time. Any clue what could this be?

Do you have any suggestions?

As you bought your phone from /e/, you should email support@e.email to get help

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I think it’s a problem with /e/ browser. All permissions but no internet in 4G. No problem with other browser.

Then probably best to raise a bug report, if no one else has already done so