Difficulties moving APPs from one screen to the next



Just realize that I had some difficulties re-arranging my apps on the multiple screens.
When i drag one app from screen1 to screen 2, the screen 3 arrives very quickly.
Basically i succeed to move from screen 1 to 3, but always miss the screen 2.

Is there a secret technique ? or a bit of fine tuning will help on next release?

i am on PH1 / 0.5-201902233562


Hi @Pistou there is a work around - you can try to place icons on the task bar and then move them to the required screen. To explain clear out 2-3 icons from the taskbar and move them to the screen - do not remove all the icons. Then bring the icons you want to move to the task bar and move them to the specific screen. It is a strange workaround but that should work. Will pass on this feedback to the developer. There is a defect raised for this in gitlab.


Yes, BlissLauncher has reinvented the sliding block puzzle for the 21st Century.:rofl:


:smile: the fix is on the way.


Thanks Manoj.
@Vaughan : I am disappointed my kid did not find the solution…