Direct App Lounge SDK in the future

Are there any plans to develop a direct SDK for App Lounge in the future to get away from having to go through Google Play for payed apps as well as free apps?

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valid need and Iā€™d wish for this too and think it would fill a void - but as AppLounge fronts Google Play without any own independent billing/account/distribution mechanism (ignoring account-less cleanapk and f-droid) and assumes you built against google-play libraries, what would actually comprise an AppLounge SDK (as compared to Amazons Store SDK)?

An inofficial SDK is choosing your own libraries for subfunctions and sell licenses in your own store that handles billing and license keys. There is an F-Droid position on library choice linked at De-googled applications - #2 by tcecyk

Now this is not the development SDK you asked for, but for developers to test Apps they built against Google Play with microG there are emulator images at