Disable dev-keys userdebug logging?

I installed e/OS on my Xiaomi Mi 10t lite and I’m very happy with it. You’ve done a great job. The murena cloud is perfect. It just needs an integrated password manager like Google smartlock.
Anyway, I see that the rom is in userdebug/devkeys mode and I’d like to know if there’s a script on magisk or on lsposed that could switch it to user/release-keys mode to disable logging because I’ve heard that in dev-keys mode there are a lot of logs created and therefore a shortening of the phone’s memory life due to multiple rewrites.

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In Developer Options you may find a ‘Store logger data persistently on device’ setting.
It has a few options. For me it is set to Off by default. Maybe that will suffice?

I couldn’t find this function in the developer options, but I did find a magisk plugin.
I hope it works.

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