Disable mobile network

Is it possible to disable the mobile network, especially for a device being used without a SIM?

In Battery usage > three dots > Show full device usage, “Mobile network standby” shows 31%, which is far more than anything else.

Enable flight mode. Than enable Wifi and when needed bluetooth. So all is working but mobile network is off.


Excellent, I will try that.

Is there a way to verify the mobile network status?

The flight mode eas created for disabling all networks to ensure no interferences in plane. It was approved by FAA. So I think you can trust it :wink:

System settings > about phone > sim status

Trust but verify. :wink:

Good, but all entries show “Not available” with airplane mode enabled or disabled. Maybe because there is no SIM, yet battery usage measured mobile network standby.

Of course, you said “without sim”! Sounds like you may need the command line to check the status. Can’t advise you there as I haven’t got to grips with this on android yet. I keep meaning to, and you have got me curious to investigate more. This looked interesting

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Yes, that’s interesting.

adb is easy to use, just have it installed on your computer (many linux distros provide it through a package like android-tools), and then on the phone enable developer tools, allow MTP / file transfer mode, and select to allow in prompts on the phone asking if the computer should have access.

A lot of useful info from adb shell dumpsys batterystats such as:

  Logging duration for connectivity statistics: 13h 36m 27s 798ms 
  Cellular Statistics:
     Cellular kernel active time: 0ms (0.0%)
     Cellular data received: 0B
     Cellular data sent: 0B
     Cellular packets received: 0
     Cellular packets sent: 0
     Cellular Radio Access Technology: (no activity)
     Cellular Rx signal strength (RSRP): (no activity)
     Cellular Sleep time:  0ms (0.0%)
     Cellular Idle time:   0ms (0.0%)
     Cellular Rx time:     0ms (0.0%)
     Cellular Tx time:     
       less than 0dBm:  0ms (0.0%)
       0dBm to 8dBm:  0ms (0.0%)
       8dBm to 15dBm:  0ms (0.0%)
       15dBm to 20dBm:  0ms (0.0%)
       above 20dBm:  0ms (0.0%)
  Wifi Statistics:
     Wifi kernel active time: 13h 6m 54s 124ms (96.4%)
     Wifi data received: 0B
     Wifi data sent: 0B
     Wifi packets received: 0
     Wifi packets sent: 0
     Wifi states:
       disconn 9s 414ms (0.0%) 
       sta 13h 36m 18s 384ms (100.0%) 
     Wifi supplicant states:
       disconn 3s 787ms (0.0%) 
       associating 95ms (0.0%) 
       associated 5ms (0.0%) 
       4-way-handshake 29ms (0.0%) 
       group-handshake 245ms (0.0%) 
       completed 13h 36m 23s 637ms (100.0%) 
     Wifi Rx signal strength (RSSI):
         moderate (-77.5dBm to -66.25dBm): 3s 28ms (0.0%) 
         good (-66.25dBm to -55dBm): 2m 15s 649ms (0.3%) 
         great (greater than -55dBm): 13h 34m 9s 121ms (99.7%) 
     WiFi Scan time:  0ms (0.0%)
     WiFi Sleep time:  13h 36m 27s 798ms (100.0%)
     WiFi Idle time:   0ms (0.0%)
     WiFi Rx time:     0ms (0.0%)
     WiFi Tx time:     0ms (0.0%)
  GPS Statistics:
     GPS signal quality (Top 4 Average CN0):
      poor (less than 20 dBHz): 0ms (0.0%) 
      good (greater than 20 dBHz): 0ms (0.0%) 

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