Disable wifi and bluetooth scanning

How can we disable wifi and bluetooth scanning in /e/ android 8?

Push the blue buttons

Common misconception but no, only disabling the wifi and bluetooth from there actually doesn’t disable wifi and bluetooth scanning. You have to disable these specifically in the settings.

On Pie it’s in the location settings (will check on Oreo later if needed).

Write ‘scanning’ on the search bar on Settings, and you’ll find the option.

Please check wifi preferences

For bluetooth I only see spoofing when starting BT. After the first spoof is done no new is running.

Thanks but I can’t turn off “turn on Wifi automatically” on my device. I don’t know why

Thank you but since my device is in french, writing “scanning” doesn’t work for me

thank you but I can’t find it there unfortunately

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Thank you very much for your answer

So in common android device, wifi scanning and triangulation is reported to google. What is the behavior with /e/ ? Should it report to google as well ?

Hopefully it doesn’t.

And for location (when satellites aren’t used) /e/OS uses Mozilla instead of Google.

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