Disabling MicroG in /e/OS based on Android 11


My new phone with /e/OS preinstalled will soon arrive and I would like to know which options I have to disable MicroG in /e/OS based on Android 11.

I’m not talking about using ADB or stuff like that, just the normal settings menu from /e/OS.

Is it enough to turn off GCM, Device Registration, etc. in MicroG settings or is there anything else I should do as well?

For instance, is it still possible to disable MicroG Services Core in “App-Info”?

Could there still be any connections to Google servers because of MicroG, even when I disable as much as I can?

Thanks in advancea

  • You whould check all pre-intalled “apps permissions” and “apps data usage”.

Then disable the app

Thank you for your answer.

Sorry, but I’m not sure if I understand you correctly.

Are “app permissions” and “apps data usage” entries within the MicroG menu? Why should I check these when I want to disable the whole MicroG app?

How exactly? Is MicroG Services Core still listed under “App-Info”? Or can it be disabled under settings/system/microg ?

It can be disabled from the App Info, at least on my devices.
Do note that if you disable microG I assume you’ll lose access to the location backends.
One component of microG is something called UnifiedNLP (network location provider). Without that you may only have GPS for location.

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What version of /e/ do you use?

Wouldn’t Mozilla’s location service still work?

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Running 1.4 q & r on mata and emerald, respectively.
The Disable button in microG’s App Info is not grayed out like other system apps are.

Mozilla and Nominatum are UnifiedNlp backends. They are not standalone items.


  1. Leave microG be. Don’t use any of the Google stuff. Maybe revoke any permissions you deem unnecessary.
  2. Disable or remove microG. Lose location services. Rely on GPS. Good or bad depending on one’s usage.
  3. Flash UnifiedNlp package. Will/should replace microG. Both use same package name, provides only location services, has only one permission. Package includes a bunch of backends.
    Look for MinMicroG-UNLP… package if interested.

Releases · FriendlyNeighborhoodShane/MinMicroG-abuse-CI · GitHub

I figure, try choice #1. Turn off all G stuff, remove all permissions except location. Maybe it will be the equivalent to #3.

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