[discontinued] [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the OnePlus 5 - "cheeseburger"

Eh, i use Protonmail too and also Tutanota mail. Very cool apps for my use but i guess other people might want an email client usable. For camera apps “Simple camera” do the job but in a very minimalistic way for me and “Open camera” (built-in eelo from memory?) as cool features but not user friendly in my opinion.

For information, this rom is good, use it everyday. Last update 20200410 included the official camera (based on open camera) missing on first place. Question : Does the cast feature working for you or it isn’t implemented ? Last question, this rom is now release every month or this is the special circumstances?


This one is from this week. Unless there is a problem there should still be weekly builds :blush:

What’s the cast feature? :slight_smile:
The camera app was renamed, that maybe has this positive impact.

Ok, so i’ve got problem :

What’s the cast feature? :slight_smile:

I mean “Chromecast” feature :

I should detect my Mibox3 for example (like my other devices).

Strange. Meanwhile there should be a May build already

Can you list the folder manually in the phone’s browser?


No idea about cast. Never used it, sorry

I serve weekly OTAs for my unofficial builds

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Hi @thilo , how did you manage to make OTA updates available for your unofficial build please ?

I know you have to have a server and add a “OTA_URL” line in the docker command but what is the URL you put ? Just https://eota.digitalkr.am/builds/full/cheeseburger/ ? Or is there a more complicated procedure ?

Right. When building with the docker image having the tag “community” you need to add the environment variable OTA_URL when building without docker it’s some source patching to apply. (Refer to the build script of the community docker image for details)
It’s value is the base url where you host the ota server plus a trailing “/api”. In my case: OTA_URL=https://eota.digitalkr.am/api

The application on server side will, based on the device specific query for update, decide which files to offer for this device.

For the server side refer to our fork in the following project https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/LineageOTA

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Yes, i see my folder data/lineageos_updates is empty. Where i can find some logs or ota’s file configuration to see what happen ? Thanks