[discontinued] [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for the OnePlus 5 - "cheeseburger"

EDIT 28th August 2020: discontinued because pie got official. You can dirty flash official over this unofficial ROM in order to switch.

EDIT 13th April 2020: Firmware v9.0.11 available
EDIT 4th November 2019: New firmware (v 9.0.9) is required as of the OTA from today to circumvent “Error 7”. Flashable (TWRP) firmware ZIPs of 9.0.9 firmware can be found on below link (inside flashing instructions).

EDIT Switched from daily ota to weekly ota updates. Build is actively used on my main device meanwhile.

EDIT 14th August 2019: New firmware (v 9.0.8) is required as of the OTA from 4th August 2019 onwards. OTA will fail until you update firmware. If you initially flash latest Pi/e/ ROM then you need to flash the latest 9.0.8 firmware first. Flashable (TWRP) firmware ZIPs of 9.0.8 firmware can be found on below link (inside flashing instructions).

EDIT 30th July 2019: New firmware (v 9.0.7) is required as of the OTA from 28th July 2019 onwards. OTA will fail until you update firmware. If you initially flash latest Pi/e/ ROM then you need to flash the latest 9.0.7 firmware first. Flashable (TWRP) firmware ZIPs of 9.0.7 firmware can be found on below link (inside flashing instructions).

As some of you may be aware we are testing out the upgrade of our source code to Pie.

As part of that effort we have a Pi/e/ ROM for the OnePlus 5 - “cheeseburger”. It receives daily weekly OTAs.

Please note this build has not been tested extensively and is a WIP so far.

In case any one wants to test the build you can download it from the link given below.

Before you proceed with the flashing and testing please read the warning given below very carefully

  • Please note this is a test build.
  • Please take a backup of your data before your proceed.
  • In some devices we have noticed that return to Oreo or Nougat builds after flashing the Pi/e/ ROM is not possible
    If you are Ok with these warnings then you can download the Pi/e/ image for the OnePlus 5 - “cheeseburger” from here: https://eota.digitalkr.am/builds/full/cheeseburger/, use latest file for initial installation

Feedback and comments welcome.

Update: Please update firmware before flashing else you can end up with error 7.

  • I downloaded the full stock Pie Rom from oneplus.net - OnePlus 5 suport page and extracted the firmware files (Version 9.0.6 at that time, EDIT end of July: 9.0.7) and wrapped them up in a flashable zip . This needs to be flashed first (you can do it in the same “recovery session”).
  • If you don’t want to do the extract on your own you can download my flashable zip from here https://ecloud.global/s/Dtt7YXJ3ByCB6Xs as well, its name is 906-firmware-cheeseburger.zip.
  • In case someone lacks the trust to flash firmware from random sources (as I do) I’ll do a follow-up post on howto verify my zip or create your own from the full ROM.
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Link doesn’t appear to be working for me. I’m using Firefox at the minute. will install Chrome later and check again

Dont’ get chrome, FF works to get these files!!!

Usually the browser you use to download the files should not matter, the issues lies somewhere else then.

HOWTO verify/create a firmware flashable ZIP from (OxygenOS) Stock (full ROM) flashable ZIPS

  1. Download full stock rom from OnePlus support page of Oneplus 5: https://www.oneplus.com/de/support/softwareupgrade/details?code=5
  2. Optionally you can download my flashable zip to peak into it. The easiest way is probably to just replace all files inside my zip with those in the original ROM zip except META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script (you can view this file with an text-editor and you’ll see that basically just the lines that write /system and /vendor partition are removed when comparing it with the original version, NOTE: This is device specific, for beryllium for example you would keep the /vendor lines - it depends on whether /vendor is flashed with your LOS16 or Pi/e/ build or not).
  3. As you probably guessed already based on the description in #2 you basically just need to modify the original ZIP’s updater-script as described there and remove all the files that are not flashed (system and vendor partition files, three files each), you can also remove the compatibility.zip and boot.img
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Good stuff. Is this ROM pre-rooted? Or am I doing something wrong?

I use the unmodified /e/ sources and pre-builts so it is not rooted. You either need to flash magisk (recommended) or addonsu (from lineageos) in order to obtain root.

Some of the apps I used like bank apps etc, detected it as rooted phone. I think they detect unlocked bootloader as rooted. Correct? I got Magisk right now and now with hide feature it works fine.

Can you try one of the following apps?

All /e/ OS builds are not rooted because it is not absolutely necessary.

Many banking apps automatically recognize a customROM as a rooted operating system, even if it is not rooted. G°°°gle Play Service sends its best regards. A customROM with mircoG does not offer 100% compatibility.

Tip: Use an app to test if root is present or not.

But @GaelDuval tested the same app on /e/ room and it wasn’t reporting so on his phone.

So, I think it is this ROM only.

Right now, I have Magisk hide to protect it. Am I doing something wrong? We can’t root the phone from Fastboot or adb, correct? it can only be done from within ROM by flashing things like Magisk from recovery like TWRP.

I just unlocked the bootlocker, installed recovery and flashed this ROM’s latest .zip.

Let’s talk about @Unknown latest OnePlus 5 - “cheeseburger” or e-0.7-n-2019112732147-dev-cheeseburger?

Or about my builds?..

Either unlocked bootloader or failing the safetynet test can be the cause of issues especially with banking apps

Alright then. The bootloader is unlocked. Thanks!

Does your build update over the air?

Or do we need to manually upgrade it?

OTA, usually on Mondays, so once a week

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Yes, I got one already and it went well so far.

Are you working on Android 10 based ROMs already?

I was in a bit of a pickle getting /e/ to work and you can read my adventure below.

Current version from 27.01.2020 on Pie 9.0.10 is running fine for now for me. I still have to use my SIM in it and do some app installing, but it looks good!

Hello, any camera app on this build ?
Also the mail app is very buggy and almost freeze the system blinking the screen. But the same happen on official nougat build.
Have some app icon disappearing and reappearing like odd way using the bliss launcher too.

No camera app on the version I downloaded, but there are good camera apps to be found on the app downloader or f-droid. I can’t say for the mail app as I am switching ro proton mail and will use their app.