Discussion: Teracube 2e Sustainable Smartphone

The Teracube 2e is a solid “eco-friendly” phone I think has real potential. It’s only $200 and ships to many countries!
Unlike the Fairphone, it has nicer bezels, a 4000mah battery (with optimization), and dual rear cameras. It’ll get insane battery life without Google. It has all the bells and whistles of expandable storage, dual sim, etc.

I’m posting this to make noise about the device and hopefully adopt it into the /e/ store.

With its price and sustainability, it could become the number one /e/ device. Rooting doesn’t void your warranty; it’s practically crying out to be de-googled!

Discuss whatever you like about this phone in the comments - personally, I might sell my S10e for this, as I prefer battery life and the option of a custom ROM, over (admittedly nice) features like stereo speakers and a stabilized camera.


Big news! /e/ OS for the Teracube 2e is available soon.


Strange that they have a 4 year warranty but only 3 years of software updates.

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Agreed. Custom ROMs have shown that it’s easily possible to run newer versions of an OS on older devices! And with some tweaks, newer operating systems aren’t totally necessary, because features can be ported over, and so can security fixes.