Display is always on (LG-H850)

My display is always on, unless I do press the power button. The display does not switch off / dim itself.

  • /e/ version: e-0.13-n-2020120989402-dev-h850 (received OTA)
  • Device model(s): LG-H-850

I experienced this strange behavior, which can be a result of a bug in the eOS update – but I’m not sure. Therefore I wonder, how can I set the display to be always on – and check all the settings before reporting. The ways to keep the display alive, that I know:

  1. Display timeout. This settings set is/was set to 1 minute or 15 seconds. And has no effect
  2. infinity Coffeine. This settings is off in Quick settings.
  • No apps had been installed in the last two updates (0.12 and 0.13) and the behavior was noticed sometime in December 2020.
  • Being on or off the charger does not make a difference.

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I missed that I installed Battery Bar by Zombomob and chat caused the issue. By unistalling it the issue vanished.