Display timeout and locking

latest /e/os on Fairphone 3:
I would like my phone not to lock when display switches off.

My display switches off after two minutes. At the same time the phone is locked, so i have to unlock it by typing in the pin. I would like to lock the phone after - let’s say - 5 Minutes after display timeout.
I cannot find the settings for that.
Any help?

I don’t have a Fairphone, but:

Search for the word “timeout” in the Settings (or the appropriate translated word in your system language). Set the timeout lock interval the way you want.

Also make sure that “Power button instantly locks” is disabled, unless you want it enabled.

Ah, okay. Thank you very much. Its my first Smartphone, i didn’t know, that i can search in settings :blush:
The “Power button instantly locks” has to be disabled. I want it to be enabled, but when enabled, the phone locks immediately with the display timeout. When disabled it locks as expected 10 minutes (my setting for timeout lock) after display timeout.

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Yes, I think the Settings menu seems to obfuscate more and more options into sub-menus with every Android release. It’s much faster to search, if you know the proper keywords, than it is to browse all the sub-menus. :slightly_smiling_face: