Disposable alias and phone number

For more Privacy we also need to cover our real email and phone number because ads industries can use any intel to cross-referencing our personnal data.

/e/ propose one alias@murena.io but using only one alias everywhere means being identified.

Maybe we can include a solution like https://github.com/simple-login/ or https://github.com/mozilla/fx-private-relay to create as many alias as needed to cover our @murena.io email address ?

I don’t found same pace for burner phone number but it could be game changer. I discover that mozilla work on the Email & phone protection program https://relay.firefox.com/


I found that’s a quite interesting theme.
Could you or someone else give some use cases for these enounced applications?
I could imagine myself regarding the emails, but for the phone numbers by emails, sms, and much others, i’m not sure to know…
eventually like apps like whatsapp or X and so on ?..

Every time you create an account on any service or website you need to give your email or phone for respectively receive ads by email or sms.

I spare everyone with the data broking and cross referencing made with our personal data. https://e.foundation abd https://eff.org and many others explain this very well.

Using a disposable alias email or phone give you the ability to delete it and deactivate the referenced account by simply disappearing.

yes of course, good point (seem that was too obvious for me…)

that firefox service looks nice but is obviously not available (yet?) and will be charged as well.

For mobile numbers one has to register (least in Germany) therefore throwaway-numbers for personal use would be rather complicated.

Least for Germany satellite offers one free mobile-number (personally registered though) that works via app (mobile data or wifi) that one could use as a second number for usecases in which one wants to keep the option of being contacted but hide ones “real” number. Note that SMS is not available.

If the usecase is about not being contacted at all via the given phone number:

  • Not sure if there´s similar services in other countries but for Germany there´s the “Frank geht ran”-service (run by digitalcourage): a free-to-use burner phone number (it answers with a message from an answering machine in which a nice guy explains that the person that gave the number is absolutely not interested in being contacted via phone…)
    edit: “Frank geht ran” for Austria
  • And the Bundesnetzagentur (German “Federal Network Agency”) offers a list of numbers for e.g. media production that will never work in real life but might be used as burner numbers.
  • Be prepared though that these numbers incl. FrankGehtRan might not be accepted by online-forms etc. (in that case one can try adding one or two random digits)

I prefere to pay murena for that services :wink:


would works or impact effectively on apps like whatsapp ?
Is there already a solution which runs on android world ?

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