Distinguish the SIM cards (in case of dual sim device)

I have a 2 SIM cards device (kebab). One phone number is the main one, (for friends and family) and the 2nd one is for commercial use (renting a car, train ticket,…) When I use the native e-os sms app, there is no “pratical mean” to distinguish the phone number used by the sender of the sms (including in the properties of the message) because the sim card number is printed in white on a white background.
So, I have to switch my phone to dark theme and then switch to the sms app and then switch back my phone to clear theme.
It should be more than useful for me (and also I guess for the e-os community) to have a quick mean of knowledge of the phone number linked to the message. As an example the color of the sim car logo (just over the message) could be the color choosen in the sim card profile.

I checked if there’s an existing bugreport for this at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues and didn’t find something. If you haven’t got an account, see this doc entry.

Should be worth it to submit a bugreport with screenshot / demo video. The latter will improve the chance of this getting fixed quickly.

issue #8056 created on gitlab


excellent bugreport. I looked through the presentation xml and proposed a fix. Gitlab has an online IDE to create a merge request. If you want to have a go at this, eventually MRs get attention


made that MR to leave a reminder for ppl who merge that code

e-os 2.2 release could be a good oportunity for that “easy” fix

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