Distorted voice Here WeGo Maps and other navigation apps. (Gigaset GS290)

When I use navigation apps like Here WeGo, I get a very distorted voice route guidance. Are there any who experience this? I’ve had this since the beginning but now I’m using WAZE. However, I only have the car there as an option. Magic Earth didn’t work for me and it sent me everywhere. Google Maps maps doesn’t work for me because it can’t find my exact location. (I don’t really want to use that either)


Openen in Google Translate


Webresultaat met sitelinks

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is it possible for you to get us a recording of the voice output for demonstration? I will install the WeGo app then what my result is.

I wonder if it’s due to the TTS engine (Alternative to eSpeak?), the language or if it is App dependant.

I can make a record for you, but how do i send the audio file?

good question, on the cli I use https://transfer.sh/ , https://oshi.at/ has a web interface (put link validity to 7days). A Firefox Send fork/successor is at https://send.vis.ee/ - with max dl count at 20 and validity at 7d

Hi Michiel,
Did not see your posted. Just posted exact the same question about the voice distortion. Did you find an answer?