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A comprehensive review of the /e/OS by DistroWatch

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It took me a while to find software updates for the base operating system. These updates can be found in the Settings panel, under the “About phone” screen. Specifically, the item we need to look at is called “LineageOS Updates”.
Earlier I mentioned updates to the /e/ operating system can be found under a section of the Settings panel under the heading of LineageOS Updates. This highlights an interesting issue of identification I kept seeing. On the surface everything is branded as “e” or “/e/”. But scratch the surface and we see the phone refer to itself as being “Powered by Android”, or as running LineageOS, or running Linux. For example, the “About phone” screen identifies the phone as Android 8.1.0 and LineageOS 0.7, running Linux 4.9.133 with SELinux enabled. The on-line cloud storage, on the surface, refers to itself as “e” and copyrighted by the “e Foundation”, but digging into some screens causes the portal to refer to itself as Nextcloud.

For people who never peek beneath the surface, these quirks of identity probably don’t matter. However, it is one of those little things that can confuse people when they are poking around or trying to get support. Hopefully the rebranding will become more complete over time. … more …


LineageOS version

LineageOS updates

In fact, this is really irritating and an extraordinary “slip”. words fail me…

By the way: By chance I came across this Lineage logo in my Galaxy S7 herolte.

I tap “System version³” several times and a LOS logo appears on /e/ background.


³Settings > About phone (Android 7.1.2) > System version

LineageOS wherever you look. I just want to see /e/, please.


good review!! really positive about /e/

  1. Sometimes the phone identified itself as a Galaxy S8, though usually as an S9, depending on the screen or service I was using. Memory was also reported differently in various areas. The command line reports 3.5GB of RAM, the “About phone” screen lists 3.3GB, and the on-line specifications claim the phone offers 4GB of RAM. There is no practical difference in either case, but I find the little variations interesting. time. … more …

A high quality refurbished smartphone with /e/ pre-installed like the € 449.00 Euro expensive Galaxy S9 “starlte” with a “stable” e-0.7-oero /e/ OS ROM shouldn’t have such teething troubles.

The inconsistencies described in Jesse Smith’s Technology Review sound harmless. But they add up and cloud the overall picture of the /e/ phone and thus also /e/ as a whole.

Samsung has released Android 10 in 2020 after upgrading to StockROM and now the first Security update January 2020.

Samsung Knox has been enhanced and now offers many more security measures to protect data. The correction access options for apps have also been expanded. In addition, significantly more settings options for notifications. Except for the “Googling” it is a splendid smartphone, even if pre-installed apps are sorted out.

/e/ must make a huge effort, because “Life punishes those who delay”


There is an even more positive follow up this week:


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