DMs don't work on this forum when using a web browser

@Manoj I was trying to communicate privately with someone on this community about buying a preinstalled /e/ device, but it turns out that there is no way to send a DM when accessing this forum from a browser on my desktop. For example, here is a screen shot for your account:

I have tried two different browsers (Firefox and Safari), and have even turned off all ad blocking.

Now, I know that DMs do work, because the person was able to send me one from their phone, and I was able to respond to their DM. However, I can not initiate a DM as the link doesn’t appear in the users account. Do you have any idea why this is? Is this a browser bug?

FWIW DMs using web browsers work fine for me from all my computers. The browsers I use most are Firefox and Waterfox from MacOS, and Firefox from Linux Mint.

It may be a problem with your setup or your account

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Working for me, too.

Have you ever been able to send a DM in this forum before?
You have reached basic user status (Trust Level 1), haven’t you?

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There was an issue with mails on the forum which was fixed. You should be able to send DMs or emails now.


Thanks! I confirm that it’s now working.

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