DNS failure mobile internet

I have Gigaset 290 with preinstalled E/os/
After the update my mobile internet does not work good.
Most of the time I have a DNS failure.
Changed en checked everything (DNS APN, change browsers, etc)
sometimes it just works, and sometime not.
It is really a problem, that I can not even use this phone (I need acces mobile network)
What I now do is disable mobile data, and then enable mobile data and sometime it starts working.
Until the phone connects to wifi, when wifi drops again I can not connect to internet anymore (apps that use network like whatsapp keeps working)
English is not my native language so I hope this makes some sense.

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I also did today a factory reset.
Mobile network did work for a while.
But later this day I needed to look up something on internet, and the DNS failure pop-up.
So it stopped working.

Hi @jsteen welcome to the /e/ forum.

Maybe your problem is actually connected to Advanced privacy. I recommend you keep that turned off, but we can come back to that, perhaps.

Please can we try to rule out one thing. If you go to

Settings > Network and internet > DNS configuration

do you see settings like this?

Thanks for youre response.
Advance privacy is turned off.

Yes I see the DNS settings and “use network DNS” is turned on.

Maybe someone else will see what the problem is.

In the meantime I would be looking it as one of 4 things, or a conflict of two of the possibilities.

  • Some software, app or tracker blocker you use has introduced some form of DNS
  • A fault in Advanced privacy, perhaps,not knowing it has been switched off.
  • A DNS provided in the background by your ISP (wifi)
  • DNS provided by your carrier (mobile data)

Perhaps trying to switch mobile data off while in active wifi would start to pin down the cause?

i turned “use network DSN” of and set it manually to
Still problems.
But last night there was a update 1.1-20220627199797
Don’t know if there was a fix in that update, or that with installing that update the network setting were reset…
But everything seems to work now.
Still use