Do i need to keep an active google account just to sync my calendar with davx5 on /e/os

Hello everyone.

As a futur /e/os user, i’m preparing my migration.
I’m actually using google’s calendar and contact to sync both my laptop and mobile phone.
I’ve transfered my contacts to my Synology NAS and it’s working fine.

But, i have just realised that i need davx5 in order to get sync for my calendars, and davx5 isn’t a free app.
I don’t mind paying for an app if it fit my need, but i’m not sure about the process.

I would like to get rid of google and to delete my google account after the migration process, but, if i understand correctly, i have to buy the app with that account, install /e/os, log into it with that account to be able to install davx5.

Is there any other solution without using a google account ?
Do i have to keep an existing google account just to be able to use davx5 ?

Thanks for your help.

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I’m surprised reading

because that’s not my understanding of the situation.

could you precise some background for this claim ?

you can download the DavX APK for free here :

/e/ is all about having a smartphone

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Oh, thanks for your quick answer, that’s exactly what i was looking for.

Davx5 website’s download page gives only 4 solutions :

  • Google Play : 4.99 euros
  • Amazon Appstore : 4.70 euros
  • Huawei App gallery : 3.99 euros
  • Galaxy store : 3.39 euros

BUT… due to your answer, i’ve just realised that there is more informations at the bottom of the page :
“DAVx⁵ is designed to be an open-source project ([GPL]) from the very first beginning. The source code is available, and you can download the app on F-Droid


This is the magic of FOSS : Free and Open Source Software :wink:

Free as in freedom, not free as in free beer :wink:

If you consider the program usefull to you, you could choose giving a little something to help people maintain it, thought.

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Usually there´s no need to install DAVx5 on eOS as the eOS-account manager is a fork of DAVx5 anyways thus brings anything you need.

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You can e.g. use eOS / murena cloud to host your calendar and contacts (or any other CalDAV and CardDAV instance that you trust).

Once you use eOS and have transferred your calendar and contacts to a host that is not ggogle you do not need either one.

Oh, this is interesting to know.

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