Do I need to worry about 'dm-verity' on Samsung S7 SM-G930F?

I’m trying to install Samsung S7 SM-G930F (choose this model hopping it will be well-supported by /e/ :slight_smile:

Was having a challenge getting out of download mode while installing TWRP described on Install on Samsung S7 SM-G930F

but when searching for more detailed instructions on TWRP, I found message about dm-verity that is not listed in the /e/ instructions. Do I need to figure out how to disable dm-verity?

This device uses dm-verity!

This means that swiping to allow system modifications will prevent you from being able to boot if you are using the stock kernel. In order to bypass dm-verity's boot prevention, you will have to install a kernel that has dm-verity disabled in the fstab.

Since the summer of 2018, Samsung has made changing the operating system version much more difficult “to protect the user”.

What PDA code (build version) your current StockROM firmware has?
You can find this information in your S7 via > Settings > About phone > Software Information > Build number … (e.g. R16NW.G930FXXS7ESL9)

Workable approach → Patch de device

Build number is R16NW.G930FXXS6ESGD. Are there different ways to get around depending on firmware build number?

Yes, this penultimate StockROM Oreo 8.0.0 version from 2019.

I was able to install /e/ for herolte dev (e-0.7-nougat), but the configuration was not usable for daily use. For example, the SIM card and baseband were not recognized and the S7 had a permanent bootloop. If downgrading from Oreo 8.0.0 to Nougat 7.x on the S7 SM-G930F the phone can have such issues.

I’m really curious if and how you find a way to get e-0.7-nougat working properly.

Dang. Thanks for the info. I just spent a couple hundred $ buying this phone because it was on the list of compatible phones. As a newbie, I’m not really interested in attempting something that others have already had a hard time with. Has anybody been successful with Oreo stock ROM?

If I return this phone, how can I buy one that will be compatible, since build number and android version info usually not usually advertised?

@skyebend, the Samsung S7 SM-G930F isn’t a bad buy. It’s still a very good Android smartphone.

The migration from e-0.7-n (7-nougat) to /e/ OS oreo 8.0.0 is currently being → tested. So it is only a matter of (short) time. Why not migrate to /e/ OS 9-pie immediately, no idea.

My temporary solution for the Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge called /e/ OS “ready” and means that I’m currently using a very well working (inofficial) LineageOS 16.0 (9-pie) build with OTA update once or twice a month. If /e/ releases an Oreo 8.0.0 compatible /e/ OS ROM, I will of course switch back to /e/.

The device → OnePlus 5 “cheeseburger” knows the same problem

I just bought a Galaxy S7 SM-G930F and I would like to install /e/ - following this guide - on it, but previous to begin I would like to know if there will be any issue with TTWRP and dm-verity. The build number is: R16NW.G930FFXXS8ETC6.


Better use those guides :

/[HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device from a GNU/Linux PC successfully

/[HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily

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Thanks for the reply. I used this How To for a Samsung Galaxy Tab (espresso3g) and it worked fine.
Still I would like to know if dm-verity could create issues or not on the S7, it would be a bit disappointing to damage something I just bought.

I personally don’t care about dm.verity,
Please ask @SuzieQ