Do I put my Fairphone 3 in fastboot mode to install e-OS?

I have a Fairphone 3 and would like to install e-OS. I read the documentation. On the one hand it says that the driver for fastboot must be installed on my windows machine. But in the general installation guide for the easy-installer there is no mentioning of putting the FP3 in fastboot mode before starting the easy-installer.
So I am a bit confused: do I have to but my FP3 in fastboot mode before starting easy-installer on windows?
PS: Now with rereading the guide. It does not even mention when to connect your phone to your PC… This might seem obvious to you but not to a novice.

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The Easy Installer will actually tell you when you need to boot your FP3 into Fastboot Mode. Basically, the Easy Installer walks you through the same instructions you can find in the written guides to install /e/OS (so it’s not just starting the Easy Installer and everything happens automatically – you will need to follow the instructions spelled out by the Easy Installer).


I now understand that Easy Installer beta for Windows is about the installation of the easy-installer app under Windows and are not instructions about the installation of e-OS on the phone.

What got me confused is

  • the prerequisite section which is not in the right place as there is no prerequisite to install the app on a Windows machine.
  • no mention of something like “Now run easy-installer”.

I would suggest the following order:
1/ install easy-installer
2/ install fastboot driver
3/ run easy-installer

Or 1/ and 2/ reversed but in any case 2 is not a prerequisite for 1 and 3 should be mentioned.

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