Do you know a digital wellbeing app (open source)?

I just wanted to test the digital wellbeing feature in unofficial /e/ pie version and I realised “digital wellbeing” is actually not part of the OS but a closed source app by Google. I wasn’t aware.

Therefore a question to the crowd:
Do you know any kind of digital wellbeing-like app that is freely available as open source?

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What kind of direction of wellbeing are you aiming for? I’ve seen a lot of health-oriented apps in the F-Droid, but they’re all for very different purposes.

Hi @e.follower, I was thinkimg about tools that help understanding your own phone usage behaviour and help reducing the phone usage time, similar to what Google is proposing with its digital wellbeing feature.

Oh, it’s not what I expected! But maybe Goodtime will fit?

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I would also be interested in something, but all I really want is an app that like Google’s digital wellbeing basically turns off all notifications, prevents calls, etc. from sunset to sunrise. I’ve been trying some apps, but so far nothing that fits the bill.

@cavaughan, for that you might even not need an app. /e/ is already quite well equipped. In Oreo just check out Settings>Sound>Do Not Disturb Settings. How about that?

AWESOME! I didn’t even know there was an option. Probably so many other options I don’t know about and always seek an app to do it for me…