Documentation of status bar icons

Android devices have some different icons in the status bar:

I would like to know what each icon is supposed to mean.
My focus is on the system icons and not on the app-specific icons.
Especially the icon, that contains the circle with a flash inside: The circle depicts the charge state of the battery. What does the Flash indicate?

So I tried to search online for a comprehensive documentation of these icons but was not successful. has only a partial list and the icon in question is not available in that list. I also found a few even shorter lists, but they were very device-specific and did not help me.

Can someone point me to a comprehensive documentation of all android status bar icons?

The icon in question is your battery status which shows that your battery is at 3% and charging (the flash), you can also choose which icons to show if you go into settings>system>statusbar>systemsymbols. It doesnt give you an overview but you can en- and disable different icons. Also you can change these overlays with for example substratum themes…
Hope i could help and clarify a little…

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Thank you, that is as much as I have assumed.
Leaving this question open in case someone knows of such a comprehensive documentation list.

Good point @Markus! Will see if it can also be added to the documentation.