Does a storage subscription donate to /e/?

Dear all,
I was not able to find an answer to this question. Is a storage subscription just a compensation for existing costs? If not why isn’t it published as a real donation? I think it would be a tremendous value proposition for new users but must be told…

Just imagine the users are told they do something good for the project by just getting a subscription for more storage. I think this creates a win-win situation. If this is the case already, then it should be highlighted, if not then increase the prices and put the statement next to the subscriptions. Users will get something for they payment!

Please understand, this is just an idea. It may be wrong.

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PS: Obviously this targets the need to stay a non-profit organization. I was not talking about profit! This is only about covering the project costs over time via a subscription for storage model.

Dear all,
this question is important to me, did I miss an existing answer? Was the question specific enough?

Donations to /e/ go towards covering the cost of infra and employee salaries…this is mentioned on our website

Thank you Manoj,

I like the e project very much and I was thinking about a better „marketing“. Do not get me wrong please, I do not say the existing marketing is not perfect. But I see an opportunity to combine donations with storage subscriptions. Do you feel this makes sense? The link provided is “just a donation” and I know this site. However, I think people can be easier convinced to give something while they get something back if you know what I mean. Of course, this requires a markup on the storage subscription… The idea I am talking about is a more long term oriented approach. Do you think this could provide value to users of e and the e project at the same time? Let me know.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass it on to the Marketing team and have them comment on this.

Thank you Manoj!

Please close this thread then.