Does anyone from answer here?

I’m new to /e/OS but had a fairphone before. I really enjoy the fairphone community, but the user journey with ist very different from this.

When i experience bugs on the only link to a contact is this forum, and what happens next is: NOTHING.

I don’t expect 24/7 tech support, but to receive at least 1 answer in 3 weeks, and even if it’s just a
“we’re working on it” or “can you provide more details” or “we have a big delay, but will look into it” - ANYTHING would be better just than waiting and hearing nothing.

oh i did find a somewhat hidden support e-mail adress, so i will hope i’ll be lucky there.

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Hi @Sonstwer

There is also a search feature on this forum.

I mean of course I used that. It seems that for my most annoying issue there is no possible solution that wouldn’t include having access to a server

This is a forum for users sharing their experience with /e/OS and helping each other (a community). Help desk is another thing: should help you. If you encounter a bug you can discuss it with the staff raising an issue on Gitlab e · GitLab.

So far, I always found answers for bugs I had in this forum or on Gitlab. Indeed the research bar is useful.


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