Does Apps pull from F-Droid or CleanAPK when available on both?

I got my DuckDuckGo App Tracker Blocking invite today and was pretty excited to start using the functionality. However, I was shocked to learn that Bitwarden has a third party tracker from Microsoft in it! Luckily some searching cleared this up: The Play Store (and I assume CleanAPK) variant of Bitwarden has the tracker. If you add it’s repository to F-Droid, clean as a whistle.
Now I realize at this point the devs have to be pretty sick of answering questions about where apps in Apps come from, but I think this question is valid; when an app is available in both F-Droid and Play Store/CleanAPK, where is it pulled from? Does apps have the ability to add repositories so we can ensure we’re downloading tracker free apps? Obviously DDG users have the ability to block them, but I’d prefer to not have them to begin with.

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