Does Bixby Go Away

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I have an Samsung S8+ T-mobile and am considering S9+ preloaded E phone. I would like to know if Bixby goes away with the new operating system? If so that should be an advertised selling point in my opinion.


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Most of the features and nearly all of the software that a company like Samsung advertises is specific to the ROM (OS) they put on their phones.
On an /e/ ROM you will not have Bixby, the One UI theme, any Samsung apps or services. Custom ROMs try to support hardware though, like extra cameras, reverse wireless charging, etc.

They will not advertise simple changes like that, as it’s expected. The glass brick might be Samsung, but most people know the software will not feel like Samsung at all.

Thank you
I had an idea that was the case but I had to make sure. Plus I learned something looking up ROM.