Does Bliss Launcher have an apps screen?



I am trying to find a way to place only commonly used apps on the home screens, and have a way to access a separate set of apps screens to see all apps. I can’t see how to do that.

Here is my question: Is it like that only temporarily while Bliss is still being developed, or is that intended to be a permanent design feature?


Bliss launcher is iPhone style. It doesn’t have the option to do old-school style with a separate app drawer accessible via button or swipe-up.
You can install a third-party launcher for the time being.


I think that reproducing apple’s GUI is a reasonable choice. At least for a system that should be an easy solution for everyone.


Ok then… How - if it is possible - does a person put the same app in more than one folder using the BlissLauncher?


If you were supposed to do that, they would have already done it for you. :wink: (joke, maybe)