Does /e/ accept cryptocurrency payments? Will it ever?

I just ordered a Murena Nord. Thanks, looking forward to it. 2 1/2 years ago, I bought one of the first refurbished Galaxy S7 Edges; it is still my daily driver today. Good phone, good OS, great /e/ support.

During the order process, I did not see an option to pay with any cryptocurrency, but in the Terms & Conditions, you state that it is a payment option.

If it is not currently, please do make it a payment option. And while you’re at it, try to accept payment in at least 1 or 2 other currencies besides bitcoin.


We are testing it . Hope to introduce some options in a couple of weeks.

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That is awesome. If you decide to support multiple currencies (besides the obvious choice), please try to support at least one that uses “proof-of-stake” for consensus validation. This is a much more energy-efficient way of managing cryptocurrency transactions (2-3 orders of magnitude better), and should also provide for much faster transactions, as well. Hopefully, this method – or others like it – will become the future of cryptocurrency.

The obvious choice at the moment seems to be Ethereum, but any popular currency using proof-of-stake would be nice. Here’s a link discussing the difference.

Separately, this may not be feasible, but I did just buy a Murena Nord using conventional payment. If there is any way to retroactively switch over to a cryptocurrency payment, once you are ready to support that, I would greatly prefer paying that way.