Does /e/ Apps store update all apps?

Today F-Droid notified me of available updates: F-Droid, Open Camera, RadioDroid, Tasks.
Isn’t /e/ Apps taking care of that?

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Yeah, it’s confusing to say to least to see how an app downloaded from one store (Aurora Store also, in my case) may sometimes get updates from another store…

In my case I had first downloaded RadioDroid through F-Droid store. And Camera and Tasks come pre-installed with /e/.
It doesn’t matter where the app has first been downloaded from, does it?

I guess not, but I’m not sure.

If you have apps like FDroid , Aurora store and Apps running they will all individually check for updates unless you manually disable the check. The app which finds a newer version will send out a notification. I am not sure updating /e/ system apps will work from FDroid or Aurora store. The last time i tested it did not work.

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