Does /e/ build preinstalled apps from source?

I have heard that /e/ doesn’t build all apps from source. Is this still true?

Hi @nickolai, it would not be possible for us to build all Apps from source at least at the moment. To explain there are about 30 apps which come with the default OS at present. Some like Mail, Message, were forked from existing Apps and then updated / Optimized. Others like BlissLauncher and AppStore were written from scratch. Some like the keyboard , TWRP and MicroG are being worked upon and will need more time to complete. Then there are still other apps like the Dialer, FMRadio which come from the AOSP /android code. For apps which we do not write from scratch we check on possible data-leaks and ‘de-google’ them. Eventually when we have a large development team we may write more apps from scratch…the basic principle will remain ‘why reinvent the wheel’ i.e if the original is working perfectly without any data-leak or issues there will be no point in rewriting the code to achieve the same functionality.

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It’s not about reinventing the wheel and rewriting from scratch. It’s about open source. I had an idea that /e/ is, or at least aims to be an open source distribution which uses, or aims to use only open-source apps.

Is transitioning to only open source apps planned for 1.0?

The source code for apps is already available in Gitlab

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