Does /e/ cloud support e2e encryption?

Does /e/ cloud support e2e encryption?

In other words - is data stored in /e/ cloud also encrypted at rest with keys only accessible by me?

I’m using ETESync for my contacts, for my files and Protonmail for my emails at the moment and wondering if I can safely switch to /e/ cloud.

If not, is it on the roadmap?

Btw. thanks a lot for all your effort - I’m a happy /e/ user on a Fairphone 3 :slight_smile:

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You can check eCloud related info here

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Hey thanks a lot, this is very nice to hear, just to re-post it here (as of 19th of April 2021) the website says this:

  • All user data is encrypted on the main block storage and in backups too.
  • True E2E (end to end) encryption is in our plans as a long-term feature.
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Hello there,

I had the same question, and the text provided on the FAQ does not, in my opinion, answer a part of the question.

I understand “All user data is encrypted on the main block storage and in backups too”
as : “WE (/e/) encrypt any/all ecloud accounts’s data with our private key so that French Gov can’t spy on them and if it did steal them, could not read it. But since we are under French Juridiction, we could face a well-formed legal demand and be forced to comply into decrypting some specific (or all) data from a specific user

My question was : Can I (myself) encrypt from my side (PC and/or smartphone) any data I store onto my Ecloud, so that ONLY ME can cipher/decipher it ? Eg through PGP, or OpenKeyChain which is shipped by default with /e/?

Futhermore, a few days ago, a blogger published a video in which he said you (/e/ Foundation) can’t access or read data/mails/… on the eCloud, and it really strike me, because I’m pretty sure it’s not the case, eg the /e/ Foundation CAN access and read data.,-now:3 (at 4:55)

U need full e2e encryption which e doesn’t support at the moment

Openkeychain is fine bud fiddly

Therefore currently I use

Protoncalendar (files)
Etesync (contacts)
Cryptopad (collaboration/office)

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